Last year (I know its taken me a while to write this blog entry) I got interested in how you might be able to construct an Icosahedron (20 sided shape) using 2D triangles with connectors slotted into them to hold them together. I decided to have a go at making one and started by looking up what the crucial angle would be to make the overall shape work. Turns out the critical value is 138.2 degrees. So I setup a simple equilateral triangle and a connecting arm using this angle and made multiple copies of each – nested them and cut them out…

Mayan Calendar


After 20+ years working with CNC software I had amazingly never had a reason to cut the “Mayan Calendar” design which many people carve as one of the first CNC items they make. A few weeks ago that all changed when my 10 year old daughter had homework on the Mayan’s and their calendar. I figured maximum brownie-points could be gained by carving one and her taking it into school so they could use it while covering this topic. So on the Sunday afternoon we headed into the office to make one…

Custom Book Shelves


I’ve written previously about designing furniture for my sons room and had designed a table that fitted into an odd space in his (at the time) relatively small room. Just over 6 months ago we completed an extension to the back of our house which means my son now has a bigger bedroom. Once we got the furniture back into the new space we realised the table was now redundant as the space it fitted no longer exists but he did have a need for a set of shelves that would have to fit over a box that covers some pipes, so it was back to the drawing board… or the modern equivalent at least.