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Welcome to the area of Vectric where nothing is off limits! This is where we put all those little projects that we get involved in (mostly in our own time) that are never intended to become commercial products, but we think you may be intrigued to hear about. This can include pretty much *anything* CNC related, technical or just plain interesting!

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Santa’s List

6- FinishedA few months back I had an opportunity to spend a bit of time in the Vectric Lab with James Booth. If you have ever been to the lab before it is like Vectric’s version of Santa’s workshop. It’s filled with all kinds of tools and technology to work with. At first glance you can’t help but miss the CNC machine right in the centre of the room.



Last year (I know its taken me a while to write this blog entry) I got interested in how you might be able to construct an Icosahedron (20 sided shape) using 2D triangles with connectors slotted into them to hold them together. I decided to have a go at making one and started by looking up what the crucial angle would be to make the overall shape work. Turns out the critical value is 138.2 degrees. So I setup a simple equilateral triangle and a connecting arm using this angle and made multiple copies of each – nested them and cut them out…

Mayan Calendar


After 20+ years working with CNC software I had amazingly never had a reason to cut the “Mayan Calendar” design which many people carve as one of the first CNC items they make. A few weeks ago that all changed when my 10 year old daughter had homework on the Mayan’s and their calendar. I figured maximum brownie-points could be gained by carving one and her taking it into school so they could use it while covering this topic. So on the Sunday afternoon we headed into the office to make one…

Custom Book Shelves


I’ve written previously about designing furniture for my sons room and had designed a table that fitted into an odd space in his (at the time) relatively small room. Just over 6 months ago we completed an extension to the back of our house which means my son now has a bigger bedroom. Once we got the furniture back into the new space we realised the table was now redundant as the space it fitted no longer exists but he did have a need for a set of shelves that would have to fit over a box that covers some pipes, so it was back to the drawing board… or the modern equivalent at least.

DIY Campervan Conversion Part 3


I’m back and I have finally completed my conversion, HURRAH, and still managed to get in a couple of breaks away, and my first ever music festival, all while the summer was still here….double HURRAH.

So lets get down to business, and let me take you on the final journey………..I’ve become such a hippy.

2016 User Group Meeting Projects


For this years User Group meetings (UK – 28th Sept or USA – 7/8 Oct) we’ve been busy working on a wide variety of interesting projects to demonstrate different software features. These range from in depth 3D modeling examples to a simple 2D part that literally “does nothing”. Over the past few months we’ve been working in the Vectric Labs to cut the finished parts and ensure our ideas work. This adds a layer of practical feedback in our presentations to make them as useful and realistic as possible. In this article Beki, Dan and James summarise what they’ve been making for the meeting…

DIY Campervan Conversion Part 2


After purchasing everything I wanted to go in to my dream camper, it was time to strip her bare of all her factory clothing and get to work taking all of her measurements to see what we were working with here.

At the time of deciding to go ahead and create my own living space, it never really entered my head to think about any of the complexities that come with designing something like this. To be honest I didn't really know where to begin either, the more I began to think about it, the more I began to feel the fear I was incapable of pulling off such a project.

Beginner CNC–Back for More

iconAfter a long Hiatus I have gotten back to trying out things on the various CNC machines here in the office to find out some of the Do’s and Don’ts of working with CNC machines.

For this project I wanted to make myself a Desk sign, but wanted it to be a little different from the other signs here in the office.

DIY Campervan Conversion Part 1

20130604_154409So….where do I start? Sometime back in December of 2015 I found myself in a conversation, as you do, about what vehicles you would one day like to own and Campervans came up. Now I have always quite liked the idea of owning one, and me being quite impulsive decided that having a quick browse on ebay might just get my juices flowing to go ahead and buy one, it sure did. It was followed by lots of research into campervans to see which was right for me.




A few of the Vectricians are attending this years International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in August (24th – 27th) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I was sorting through the samples to display at the show and came across a sample that had gotten a little damaged on it’s travels last year at the AWFS Show in Las Vegas. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a replacement, ready to begin its career as a trade show sample, being admired amongst the masses.